Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Ordentliche Philologie

F. Solmsen, "Wilamowitz in His Last Ten Years," Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 20 (1979) 89-122 (at p. 110, n. 19):
"Der (x, y, z) soil ganz ordentliche Philologie machen" was a comment he frequently made, which reflected his opinion that many literary studies on modern lines led to no worthwhile results and that the author would in his own interest and for the good of scholarship do better to improve his technical equipment. 'Ordentliche Philologie' would be an edition based on independent research about the Mss or a thorough commentary. On a good number of literary essays which he showed to the Graeca his comments were ironical; others, he seemed to think, were hardly worth an ironical remark.
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