Sunday, August 21, 2011


Shady Oak

Greek Anthology 9.71 (Antiphilus of Byzantium, tr. W.R. Paton):
Overhanging branches of the spreading oak, that from on high shade well men seeking shelter from the untempered heat, leafy boughs roofing closer than tiles, the home of wood-pigeons, the home of cicadas, O noontide branches, guard me, too, who lie beneath your foliage, taking refuge from the rays of the sun.

κλῶνες ἀπῃόριοι ταναῆς δρυός, εὔσκιον ὕψος
  ἀνδράσιν ἄκρητον καῦμα φυλασσομένοις,
εὐπέταλοι, κεράμων στεγανώτεροι, οἰκία φαττῶν,
  οἰκία τεττίγων, ἔνδιοι ἀκρεμόνες,
κἠμὲ τὸν ὑμετέραισιν ὑποκλινθέντα κόμαισιν
  ῥύσασθ᾽, ἀκτίνων ἠελίου φυγάδα.
Asher Brown Durand,
In the Shade of the Old Oak Tree

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