Sunday, May 20, 2012


An Appropriate Dedication

Agathias Scholasticus, in Greek Anthology 6.32 (tr. W.R. Paton):
Charicles by the wooded hill offered to Pan who loves the rock this yellow, bearded goat, a horned creature to the horned, a hairy one to the hairy-legged, a bounding one to the deft leaper, a denizen of the woods to the forest god.
Δικραίρῳ δικέρωτα, δασυκνάμῳ δασυχαίταν,
  ἴξαλον εὐσκάρθμῳ, λόχμιον ὑλοβάτᾳ,
Πανὶ φιλοσκοπέλῳ λάσιον παρὰ πρῶνα Χαρικλῆς
  κνακὸν ὑπηνήταν τόνδ᾽ ἀνέθηκε τράγον.
The vocabulary seems a bit recherché, at least to me. Some dictionary definitions:

1 δίκραιος: forked, cleft
1 δικέρως: two-horned
1 δασύκνημος: shaggy-legged
1 δασυχαίτης: shaggy-haired
2 ἴξαλος: bounding, springing
2 εὔσκαρθμος: swift-springing, bounding
2 λόχμιος = λοχμαῖος: of the coppice
2 ὑλοβάτης: one who haunts the woods
3 φιλοσκόπελος: loving rocks
3 λάσιος: shaggy
3 πρών: foreland, headland
4 κνηκός: pale yellow, tawny
4 ὑπηνήτης: bearded

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