Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Right at Twenty, After All

John Halsham (pseudonym of George Forrester Scott, 1864-1937), Lonewood Corner: A Countryman's Horizons (New York: E.P. Dutton & Company, 1907), p. 143:
There was something fundamental in my careful solitude. I turned out not long since an old Conington's Æneid of those days, with a motto I had written on the fly-leaf—Solus incedo—and through all the mewling coxcombry of it, I have to acknowledge a touch of fate. There are cases in which one recognises with mixed feelings that one was right at twenty, after all.
Solus incedo = I walk alone. Cf. Horace, Satires 1.6.112: incedo solus.

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