Friday, November 02, 2012


I Feel a Tingling Chillness

William Lathum, "Il sonno e una morte vivente," in his Phyala Lachrymarum...Together with sundry choyce Meditations of Mortalitie (London: Printed by R.Y. for George Lathum, 1634), p. 39:
When I doe weigh how little differing
Life is from death, how little or nought at all
Death is from sleepe, when neere so small a thing
Can make them all be transubstantiall,
Oh what amazement on my minde doth fall!      5
And I do wonder how I sleepe or wake,
Sith unto death, in nature they so neere partake.
  And in the morning after quiet sleepe,
When I consider to how weak a guard
My pretious life I did commit to keepe,      10
Being for death a thing not very hard
To seize his brothers right, sith if compar'd,
Sleep's but a breathing death, death breathlesse sleep,
I feele a tingling chilnesse over all my bones to creepe.
12 Sleep and Death are brothers.

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