Monday, December 03, 2012


Classical Professors

Stark Young (1881-1963), "Good Friday and Classical Professors," The North American Review, Vol. 213, No. 785 (April, 1921) 518-523 (at 520):
Classical professors! I thought of their plaster casts white as chalk and dry as ashes. Of their Ciceronian jargon and Roman platitudes. Of their dens and studies full of weak watercolors of Roman ruins and spotted with brown prints of the Parthenon and Apollo and the Forum, and a higgledypiggledy of tiny reproductions from Pompeii. I thought of their modest exhortations and mottoes and their chaste renderings of ancient authors into English. Of their fig-leaf editions of the poets!
Id. (at 521):
One professor of Greek told me that he considered the Greeks the most immoral race that ever lived.

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