Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Golden Aurora's Friend

From Karl Maurer:
Michael, regarding Aurora, friend to the Muses – I was reminded of this poem by Pushkin. (‘The Work’, ‘Trud’, is ‘Eugene Onegin’ which he had just finished. The translation is Vladimir Nabokov’s.)

The Work

Come is the moment I craved: my work of long years is completed.
    Why then this strange sense of woe secretly harrowing me?
Having my high task performed, do I stand, as a useless day-laborer
    Stands, with his wages received, foreign to all other toil?
Or am I sorry to part with my work, night's silent companion,
    Golden Aurora's friend, friend of the household gods?

Boldino, Sept. 25, 1830, 3:15


Миг вожделенный настал: окончен мой труд многолетний.
    Что ж непонятная грусть тайно тревожит меня?
Или, свой подвиг свершив, я стою, как поденщик ненужный,
    Плату приявший свою, чуждый работе другой?
Или жаль мне труда, молчаливого спутника ночи,
    Друга Авроры златой, друга пенатов святых?

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