Friday, May 03, 2013


Prayer for a Blessed Death

Edmund Gosse (1849-1928), "Euthanasia":
When age comes by and lays his frosty hands
  So lightly on mine eyes, that, scarce aware
  Of what an endless weight of gloom they bear,
I pause, unstirred, and wait for his commands;
When time has bound these limbs of mine with bands,
  And hushed mine ears, and silvered all my hair,
  May sorrow come not, nor a vain despair
Trouble my soul that meekly girded stands.

As silent rivers into silent lakes,
Through hush of reeds that not a murmur breaks,
  Wind, mindful of the poppies whence they came,
So may my life, and calmly burn away,
As ceases in a lamp at break of day
  The fragrant remnant of memorial flame.
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