Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Scholarly Symposia

John L. Flood, "Arthur Thomas Hatto," Biographical Memoirs of Fellows 10 = Proceedings of the British Academy 172 (2011) 192 (expansion of abbreviation added):
In 1964 the London Seminar on Epic was formed, a joint venture between Queen Mary College and SOAS [i.e. the School of Oriental and African Studies], bringing together a hand-picked elite of some two dozen leading specialists. Whereas the dawn-song project had been conducted through correspondence between the contributors and the editor, the members of the Seminar on Epic, their numbers sometimes fortified by visits from distinguished guests from afar such as Viktor Zhirmunsky, met regularly about six times a year until 1972 and gave papers on their field, followed by mild conviviality (at Hatto's suggestion, the reader of the paper rewarding his listeners with liquor as near as feasible to that drunk by the audiences of the epic tradition in question) and intensely focused discussion.
Hat tip: Ian Jackson.

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