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A Translation by Thomas Stanley

Thomas Stanley (1625-1678), "E Catalectis Vet[erum] Poet[arum]," in Thomas Stanley: His Original Lyrics, Complete, in Their Collated Readings of 1647, 1651, 1657. With an Introduction, Textual Notes, a List of Editions, an Appendix of Translations, and a Portrait, ed. L.I. Guiney (Hull: J.R. Tutin), p. 81:
A small well-gotten stock, and country seat
I have, yet my content makes both seem great.
My quiet soul to fears is not inur'd,
And from the sins of idleness secur'd.
Others may seek the camp, others the town,
And fool themselves with pleasure or renown;
Let me, unminded in the common crowd,
Live, master of the time that I'm allow'd!
I can't find the original in Scaliger's Catalecta Veterum Poetarum, but I didn't look very closely.

Update from Ian Jackson:
G.M. Crump's Clarendon Press edition (1962) of The Poems and Translations of Thomas Stanley notes (p.388):
Source: Catalepton VIII (Virgil), 'Villula, quae Sironis eras, et pauper agelle'.
  Scaliger's edition of P. Virgilii Maronis Appendix, &c., was published in 1552, 1573, 1575, 1595, and 1617. Stanley may have been working with one of these. Stanley's title also suggests, however, Andrea Torresano's Aldine Press edition, Diversorum Veterum Poetarum in Priapum lusus, Venice, 1517 and 1534.

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