Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Lingering Over the Iliad

Louise Creighton, Life and Letters of Thomas Hodgkin (London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1917), p. 13 (on Henry Malden, Professor of Greek at University College, London):
Hodgkin recalls a year when they had to get up the first six books of the Iliad. Malden proposed to read them with his class. The first line of the Iliad occupied the first lecture; the word οὐλομένην the second and half the third. Even though the Professor was induced to quicken his pace, he did not get through the whole of the first book, but the impression made by his scholarship on Hodgkin's mind remained for life.
See also W.W. Wroth and Richard Smail, "Malden, Henry (1800–1876), classical scholar," Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:
His scholarship was 'singularly elaborate and minute'. A tribute by a former pupil, probably R. H. Hutton, recalled his 'fastidious method', deliberately cultivated to counter contemporary critics of the new university in London who alleged that it would dispense superficial instruction (Bellot, 93–4).
The reference is to H. Hale Bellot, University College, London, 1826–1926 (London: University of London Press, Ltd., 1929), which I haven't seen.

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