Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Doall, Starveall, and Cheatall

Ebenezer Elliott (1781-1849), "Will It Rain?" in his Poetical Works, Vol. II (London: Henry S. King, 1876), p. 209:
"Bread!" the starver faintly sigheth;
"I have none!" the robb'd replieth;
Doall loseth, Starveall winneth;
Cheatall laugheth, while he sinneth;
Work grim-gaspeth o'er spare diet;
And the Million-Tongued is quiet.

When the forest breatheth deeply,
Darkèd sun down shining steeply;
When the noon-night scarcely shifteth;
And the windy cloud uplifteth
Not a leaf the mute heav'ns under;
Then, the thoughtful look for thunder!

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