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In the Loeb Classical Library edition of Cicero, Tusculan Disputations. With an English Translation by J.E. King (rev. ed. 1945; rpt. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1989), I noticed the following misprints.

P. xi (Introduction):
In answer to the question how he managed to write them so quickly he says himself in a letter to Atticus: ἀπόγραφα sunt, minore labore funt; verba tantum adfero, quibus abundo.6

6 Ad Att. xii.52.3.
For funt read fiunt.

Pp. 98-99 (1.34.84):
qui et domesticis et forensibus solaciis ornamentisque privati

I have been robbed of the consolations of family life4 and the distinctions of a public career

4 Domesticus refers to the death of his daughter Tullia, forensibus to his inactivity under the absolute rule of Caesar.
For Domesticus read Domesticis.

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