Saturday, November 23, 2013


A Plea for the Redistribution of Wealth

Ian Jackson, Cedules from a Berkeley Bookshop, No. 23 (Medieval Manuscripts A-D), excerpt from description of item 4 ("A banker's box filled to the brim with 50 auction and bookseller catalogues of medieval manuscripts ... from the library of Bernard Rosenthal ..."):
There are also 18 Christie's catalogues (1960-2001) with price-lists and a plastic bidder's paddle that was supposed to have been returned. The William Foyle Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts catalogue (11th July 2000) is extensively annotated by Rosenthal who, in sending his [under]bids to Margaret Ford, adds 'I know these bids have little chance of success ... I think all medieval MSS should be given away free to people like me who appreciate them and love them but don't have much money ...'

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