Monday, March 24, 2014


Farewell My Book!

Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400), The Legend of Good Women, F Prologue, lines 29-39:
And as for me, though that I konne but lyte,
On bokes for to rede I me delyte,        30
And to hem yive I feyth and ful credence,
And in myn herte have hem in reverence
So hertely, that ther is game noon
That fro my bokes maketh me to goon,
But yt be seldom on the holyday,        35
Save, certeynly, whan that the month of May
Is comen, and that I here the foules synge,
And that the floures gynnen for to sprynge,
Farewel my bok and my devocioun!
29 I konne but lyte: I know but little
31 to hem yive I feyth: to them give I faith
37 I here the foules synge: I hear the birds sing

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