Sunday, August 03, 2014


Motivation to Learn Latin

Christopher Stray, The Living Word: W.H.D. Rouse and the Crisis of Classics in Edwardian England (London: Bristol Classical Press, 1992), p. 29, with endnote on p. 81:
In addition, [J.P.] Postgate, who knew Rouse from their attendance at meetings of the Cambridge Philological Society in the 1880s, shared his views on Direct Method. He even forced his own children to ask for food in Latin; if they could not think of the word, they were not given the food. (In her autobiography, his daughter Margaret remembered being refused a sausage when she failed to produce the Latin word for it; she was eventually allowed half a sausage after offering dimidium.)67

67. Cole, Margaret, Growing up into Revolution (Longmans, 1949), 5-7.
Hat tip: Joel Eidsath.

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