Friday, November 14, 2014


Earth to Earth

Inscriptiones Graecae II² 7151 (early 4th century B.C.), tr. Kenneth Rexroth:
I grew from the earth.
I flourished in my day.
I am earth again.
My name was Aristokles,
The son of Menon,
A citizen of the Peiraieus.
The same, tr. J.M. Edmonds:
After many pleasant games with them of like age, I that grew from earth have become earth again, and my name is Aristocles of the Peiraeus, son of Menon.
The same, tr. Michael Wolfe:
After many high times with friends my age,
I am back in the earth I sprang from:
Aristocles. Menon's son. From Piraeus.
The Greek:
πολλὰ μεθ' ἡλικίας ὁμοήλικος ἡδέα παίσας
ἐκ γαίας βλαστὼν γαῖα πάλιν γέγονα·
εἰμὶ δὲ Ἀριστοκλῆς Πειραιεύς, παῖς δὲ Μένωνος.
The stele is in the British Museum (inv. 1816,0610.384):

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