Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Epigrams from the Persian Wars

Benjamin D. Meritt, Inscriptions from the Athenian Agora (Princeton: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1966), p. 5:
The valor of these men will shine as a light imperishable forever
    To whomsoever the gods may in future grant success in deeds of war,
For they on foot and on swift-sailing ships
    Kept all Greece from seeing a day of slavery.

Ἀνδρῶν τῶνδ' ἀρετὴ [λάμψει φά]ος ἄφθι[τον αἰεί],
    [οἷς κἂν εἰ]ν ἔργ[οις ἐσθλὰ] νέμωσι θεοί·
ἔσχον γὰρ πεζοί τε [καὶ] ὠκυπόρων ἐπὶ νηῶν
    Ἑλλά[δα μ]ὴ πᾶσαν δούλιον ἦμαρ ἰδεῖν.
These men had invincible courage in their hearts
    When they battled before the gates against countless foes,
Thwarting the army of the Persians who planned by might
    To burn their far-famed city by the sea.

Ἦν ἄρα τοῖσζ' ἀδάμ[ας ἐν στήθεσι θυμὸς] ὅτ' αἰχμὴν
    στῆσαμ πρόσθε πυλῶν ἀν[τία μυριάσιν]
ἀνχίαλομ πρῆσαι β[ολευσαμένον ἐρικυδὲς]
    ἄστυ βίαι Περσῶν κλινάμενο[ι στρατιάν].
On this Veterans Day, thanks to my favorite veteran, Mrs. Laudator, for her military service.

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