Monday, December 08, 2014


Dumb and Dumbest

Plautus, Bacchides 1087-1089 (tr. Wolfgang de Melo):
All the weakheads, thickheads, fatheads, mushrooms, idiots, drongos, cretins, wherever they are, were, or will be hereafter, all these I alone surpass by far in idiocy and stupid habits.

quiquomque ubi sunt, qui fuerunt quique futuri sunt posthac
stulti, stolidi, fatui, fungi, bardi, blenni, buccones,
solus ego omnis longe antideo
stultitia et moribus indoctis.
I need a dictionary for the English as much as for the Latin. What is a drongo? Oxford English Dictionary, s.v., sense 3:
A simpleton, a stupid person; see also quot. 1942. Hence as adj., silly, foolish. Austral. slang....1942 A.G. Mitchell in Southerly Apr., Drongo, an R.A.A.F. recruit.

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