Thursday, December 25, 2014


Greek and Latin

Gabriel Setoun, pseudonym of Thomas Nicoll Hepburn (1861–1930), Robert Urquhart (New York: R.F. Fenno & Company, 1896), p. 33:
"Is he no college-bred after a'?" he asked.

"Ou, he's college-bred richt enough."

Michael felt relieved.

"He'll be able to read Greek an' Latin then, like his mother-tongue."

"Greek an' Latin!" Watty joined in the conversation, hurling out the words with a vehemence that startled his friends. "Ye say the words as if they were sacred, makin' to yoursel's gods o' godless languages. An' what's your M.A.'s an' your B.A.'s after a', but empty shibboleths, that no mair distinguish the learned frae the onlearned, than the names their fathers ga'e them. Gold's stampet because it is gold, no because it has come through the meltin' pat."

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