Tuesday, December 16, 2014


He Can Endure No Noise

Ben Jonson (1572-1637), Epicoene, or The Silent Woman, Act I, Scene 1:
TRUEWIT. I met that stiffe peece of Formalitie, his Vncle, yesterday, with a huge Turbant of Night-Caps on his head, buckled over his eares.
CLERIMONT. O, that's his custome when he walkes abroad. Hee can endure no noyse, man.
TRUEWIT. How do's he for the Bells?
CLERIMONT. O, i' the Queenes time, he was woont to goe out of Towne euery Saturday at ten a clocke, or on Holy-day-eues. But now, by reason of the sicknesse, the perpetuitie of ringing has made him deuise a roome, with double walles, and treble seelings; the windores close shut, and calk'd: and there he liues by Candle-light. Hee turn'd away a man last weeke, for hauing a paire of new Shooes, that creak'd.
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