Monday, February 02, 2015


What Hurt Snow Doeth?

Christopher Levett (1586-1630), "A Voyage into New England," in James Phinney Baxter, Christopher Levett, of York, the Pioneer Colonist in Casco Bay (Portland: Gorges Society, 1893), pp. 123-124:
Another euill or inconuenience I see there, the snow in winter did lie very long vpon the ground.

But I understand that all the parts of Christendome, were troubled with a cold winter so well as wee. Yet would I aske any man what hurt snow doeth? The husbandman will say that Corne is the better for it. And I hope Cattell may bee as well fed in the house there as in England, Scotland, and other Countries, and he is but an ill husband that cannot find Imployments for his seruants within doores for that time. As for Wiues and Children if they bee wise they will keepe themselues close by a good fire, and for men they will haue no occasion to ride to Faires or Markets, Sysses or Sessions, only Hawkes and Hounds will not then be vsefull.
I hope my sisters, who live near Casco Bay, "will keepe themselues close by a good fire" during today's snow storm.

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