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The motto of the periodical Romania, founded in 1872 by Paul Meyer (1840-1917) and Gaston Paris (1839-1903), is
Pur remenbrer des ancessurs
Les diz et les faiz et les murs.
The motto comes from Wace (12th century), Roman de Rou, part III, lines 1-10 (tr. Glyn S. Burgess):
To remember the deeds, words and ways of our ancestors, the wicked deeds of wicked men and the brave deeds of brave men, chronicles and histories should be read out at festivals. If documents were not composed and then read and recounted by clerics, many things which transpired in times gone by would be forgotten.
The text as it appears in Hugo Andresen's edition (Heilbronn: Henninger, 1879), p. 29:
Pvr remembrer des ancesurs
Les feiz e les diz e les murs,
Les felunies des feluns
E les barnages des baruns
Deit l'um les liures e les gestes
E les estoires lire a[s] festes.
Si escripture ne fust feite
E puis par clers litte e retraite,
Mult fussent choses ubliees,
Ki de uiez tens sunt trespassees.
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