Thursday, April 16, 2015


A Sedative

Vilhelm Ekelund (1880-1949), The Second Light, tr. Lennart Bruce (San Francisco: North Point Press, 1986), p. 19 (ellipse in original):
Don't forget that to read is a sedative and like all such drugs dangerous. The more you read, the more you have to write! and see to it that you keep agile and fit. Nietzsche finds it a sin to read before noon. . ."in der Morgenröthe seiner Kraft" (in the dawn of one's powers).
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), Ecce Homo II.8 (tr. Duncan Large):
In the early morning at break of day, when you are at your freshest, at the dawning of your strength, to read a book—that is what I call depraved!

Frühmorgens beim Anbruch des Tags, in aller Frische, in der Morgenröthe seiner Kraft, ein Buch lesen—das nenne ich lasterhaft!
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