Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Fr. Cesare Truqui, quoted in Nick Squires, "'Pope Francis effect' leads to exorcism boom," The Telegraph (April 14, 2015):
"Some people are mentally ill and do not need exorcism. But others do and there are some classic signs — people who speak in ancient tongues, for instance."
Hat tip: Jim K.

Ian Jackson draws my attention to "Boom di esorcismi in Svizzera," Demonologia blog (June 13, 2014):
Un altro sacerdote svizzero, Christoph Casetti, racconta come talvolta su Skype appaiono scritte in ebraico redatte da persone che non conoscono questa lingua. Un sintomo di una presenza estranea. Oppure queste persone capiscono il latino, un'altra prova della possessione.
In English:
Another Swiss priest, Christoph Casetti, tells how sometimes on Skype there appear writings in Hebrew written by people who don't know this language. A symptom of an alien presence. Or these people understand Latin, another proof of possession.

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