Friday, November 27, 2015


Opposing Voices

Robert Francis (1901-1987), Travelling in Amherst: A Poet's Journal, 1931-1954 (Boston: Rowan Tree Press, 1986), p. 22 (from 1933):
Something in me says, "You should read this book word for word from cover to cover." Something else contradicts with: "You know from experience that you have almost never found a book that was worth reading entire. Don't waste your time with this one whatever its pretensions. Bite into it the way the Children of Israel bolted their Pentacostal [sic] meal, or the way a traveling salesman consumes a piece of apple pie at the stand-up counter of the Bingville Junction Depot where the train waits five minutes to take in water."
Hat tip: Ian Jackson.

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