Thursday, May 26, 2016


The Blind Led by the Blind

Joshua Whatmough (1897-1964), review of Erik Wistrand, Nach innen oder nach aussen? Zum geographischen Sprachgebrauch der Römer (Göteborg: Wettergren und Kerbers Förlag, 1946), in Classical Philology 44.2 (April, 1949) 138-139 (at 139):
Every day of the week I observe students using Loeb—the blind led by the blind.
Dictionaries are no help, for the people who make them usually no longer do their own reading, and translators more often are found with dictionaries in their hands, and students with translations in theirs, than either of them with knowledge of Greek or Latin in their heads.
I suspect most moderns of a Babu knowledge of Greek and Latin...

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