Thursday, July 07, 2016



Tibullus 1.1.41-50 (tr. J.P. Postgate):
I ask not for the riches of my sires or the gains which garnered harvests brought to my ancestors of yore. A small field's produce is enough—enough if I may sleep upon my bed and the mattress ease my limbs as heretofore. What delight to hear the winds rage as I lie and hold my love safe in my gentle clasp; or, when the stormy South Wind sheds the chilling showers, to seek sleep in safety, aided by a fire! This be my lot; let him be rightly rich who can bear the rage of the sea and the dreary rain.

non ego divitias patrum fructusque requiro,
    quos tulit antiquo condita messis avo:
parva seges satis est; satis est, requiescere lecto
    si licet et solito membra levare toro.
quam iuvat immites ventos audire cubantem        45
    et dominam tenero continuisse sinu
aut, gelidas hibernus aquas cum fuderit Auster,
    securum somnos igne iuvante sequi!
hoc mihi contingat: sit dives iure, furorem
    qui maris et tristes ferre potest pluvias.        50

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