Sunday, August 07, 2016


Beyond the Sound and Reach of Man

Tsu Yung, aka Zu Yong (699-746), "Mister Su's Country Retreat," tr. Red Pine:
Your country retreat is such a quiet place
I think of retiring each time I come
the Chungnan Mountains fill your doors and windows
the Feng River brightens your trees and garden
your bamboos bend with winter-long snow
your courtyard is dark before dusk
beyond the sound and reach of man
I sit and listen to the birds of spring
The same, tr. Fu Huisheng:
Your villa lies in such a secluded place,
I want to be a hermit when it comes into my eyes.
The Zhongnan Mountain is off the windows,
Past the garden and bamboo forest the Feng River flows.
Over bamboo leaves still remain last winter snows,
Before the sun sets, twilight upon courtyard it bestows.
It's still and tranquil beyond human noises,
Sitting idly, I listen to spring birds in different voices.

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