Friday, August 12, 2016



Ovid, Art of Love 1.237-242 (tr. J.H. Mozley):
Wine gives courage and makes men apt for passion; care flees and is drowned in much wine. Then laughter comes, then even the poor find vigour, then sorrow and care and the wrinkles of the brow depart. Then simplicity, most rare in our age, lays bare the mind, when the god dispels all craftiness.

vina parant animos faciuntque caloribus aptos:
    cura fugit multo diluiturque mero.
tunc veniunt risus, tum pauper cornua sumit,
    tum dolor et curae rugaque frontis abit.        240
tunc aperit mentes aevo rarissima nostro
    simplicitas, artes excutiente deo.
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