Sunday, September 18, 2016


Bacchylides, Fragment 13

From the digital Loeb Classical Library (image of Greek and English merged together by me):

Note the missing accent in the fourth word of the Greek. It should be δαίμων. I don't have access to the physical book—David A. Campbell, ed., Greek Lyric, Vol. IV: Bacchylides, Corinna, and Others (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1992)—so I don't know if the accent is missing there as well. According to the Teubner text, Robert Renehan conjectured <τοι> as the second word.

The English and Greek as corrected:
(since) for all mortals God
ordained toils, these for one, those for another.

πάντεσσι <γὰρ> θνατοῖσι δαίμων
ἐπέταξε πόνους ἄλλοισιν ἄλλους.


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