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Ludovico Ariosto (1474-1533), Orlando Furioso I.22.1-6 (tr. Barbara Reynolds):
O noble chivalry of knights of yore!
Here were two rivals, of opposed belief,
Who from the blows exchanged were bruised and sore,
Aching from head to foot without relief,
Yet to each other no resentment bore.
Through the dark woods and winding paths, as if
Two friends, they go.
The Italian, from Orlando Furioso secondo la princeps del 1516, edizione critica a cura di Marco Dorigatti ([Florence:] Leo S. Olschki, 2006), p. 12:
O gran bontà de' cavallieri antiqui!
Eran rivali, eran di fé diversi,
e in tutta la persona i colpi iniqui
che s'havean dati anchor sentian dolersi;
et hor per selve oscure e calli obliqui
insieme van senza suspetto haversi.
The same, tr. Guido Waldman:
Great was the goodness of the knights of old! Here they were, rivals, of different faiths, and they still ached all over from the cruel and vicious blows they had dealt each other; still, off they went together in mutual trust, through the dark woods and crooked paths.

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