Thursday, October 20, 2016


Survivor's Guilt

Aeschylus, Persians 915-917 (Xerxes speaking; tr. Alan H. Sommerstein):
Would to Zeus that the fate of death
had covered me over too
together with the men who are departed!

εἴθ᾿ ὄφελε, Ζεῦ, κἀμὲ μετ᾿ ἀνδρῶν
τῶν οἰχομένων
θανάτου κατὰ μοῖρα καλύψαι.
Euripides, Suppliant Women 769 (Adrastus speaking; tr. David Kovacs):
Ah me! How much better for me to have died with them!

οἴμοι· πόσῳ σφιν συνθανεῖν ἂν ἤθελον.
Id. 821 (Adrastus speaking again):
Would that the Cadmean ranks had felled me in the dust!

εἴθε με Καδμείων ἔναρον στίχες ἐν κονίαισιν.

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