Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Words Can Never Hurt Thee

Dante, Purgatorio 5.12-16 (tr. Dorothy L. Sayers):
                                           What does it matter
   To thee what they are whispering over there?
Follow thou me, and let the people chatter;
   Stand as a tower stands firm in time of trouble,
   Nor bends its head, though winds may bawl and batter.
The same, tr. John Sinclair:
What is it to thee what they whisper there? Come after me and let the people talk. Stand like a firm tower that never shakes its top for blast of wind.
The Italian:
   Che ti fa ciò che quivi si pispiglia?
Vien dietro a me, e lascia dir le genti:
   sta come torre ferma, che non crolla
   già mai la cima per soffiar di venti.

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