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Euripides, Children of Heracles. Hippolytus. Andromache. Hecuba. Edited and Translated by David Kovacs (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1995 = Loeb Classical Library, 484), pp. 54-55 (Children of Heracles 466-467):
τί γὰρ γέροντος ἀνδρὸς Εὐρυσθεῖ πλέον

for what profit does Eurytheus have in the death of an old man?
Id., pp. 102-103 (Children of Heracles 969):
χρῆν τόνδε μὴ ζῆν μηδ᾿ ἔτ᾿ εἰσορᾶν φάος.

Eurytheus ought not to live and look any more on the light of the sun.
In both passages read Eurystheus, not Eurytheus. The typographical errors persist in the Digital Loeb Classical Library. In the Greek at line 969 Eurystheus isn't actually named (τόνδε = this one, this fellow).


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