Monday, August 14, 2017


Some Insults

Aristophanes, Clouds 398 (tr. Jeffrey Henderson, with his note):
You moron redolent of the Cronia,32 you mooncalf!

32 A festival celebrating Zeus' father Cronus, who symbolized a bygone age.

ὦ μῶρε σὺ καὶ Κρονίων ὄζων καὶ βεκκεσέληνε.
K.J. Dover ad loc.:

Id. 492:
This fellow's ignorant and barbaric!

ἅνθρωπος ἀμαθὴς οὑτοσὶ καὶ βάρβαρος.
Id. 646:
You're a stupid clod.

ὡς ἄγροικος εἶ καὶ δυσμαθής.
ἄγροικος = dwelling in the fields, rustic, boorish; δυσμαθής = slow at learning, dull

Id. 654:
You're a brainless lout!

ἀγρεῖος εἶ καὶ σκαιός.
ἀγρεῖος = of the field, rustic, boorish; σκαιός = lefthanded, awkward, clumsy, stupid

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