Friday, September 01, 2017


Intellectual Arrogance

Sophocles, Antigone 705-709 (Haemon to his father Creon; tr. Hugh Lloyd-Jones):
Do not wear the garment of one mood only,
thinking that your opinion and no other must be right!
For whoever think that they themselves alone have sense,
or have a power of speech or an intelligence that no other has,
these people when they are laid open are found to be empty.

μή νυν ἓν ἦθος μοῦνον ἐν σαυτῷ φόρει,
ὡς φὴς σύ, κοὐδὲν ἄλλο, τοῦτ᾿ ὀρθῶς ἔχειν.
ὅστις γὰρ αὐτὸς ἢ φρονεῖν μόνος δοκεῖ,
ἢ γλῶσσαν, ἣν οὐκ ἄλλος, ἢ ψυχὴν ἔχειν,
οὗτοι διαπτυχθέντες ὤφθησαν κενοί.
Mark Griffith's commentary ad loc.:

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