Friday, September 08, 2017


Money Maketh Man

Petronius, Satyricon 77 (tr. Michael Heseltine, rev. E.H. Warmington):
Take my word for it: if you have a penny, that is what you are worth; by what a man hath shall he be reckoned.

credite mihi: assem habeas, assem valeas; habes, habeberis.
Martin S. Smith, ed., Petronii Arbitri Cena Trimalchionis (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1975), p. 210:
§ 6 assem habeas ...: 'if you've only got a penny, you're only worth a penny; if you've got something, you'll be thought something.' Cf. Apul. Apol. 23 'tanti re vera estis quantum habetis', Lucilius 1120M 'tantum habeas, tantum ipse sies tantique habearis', Otto s.v. habere (1).

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