Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Party Politics

The Life of George Crabbe By His Son (London: Oxford University Press, 1932), p. 168:
But of this I am sure, that his own passions were never violently enlisted in any political cause whatever; and that to purely party questions he was, first and last, almost indifferent.
Id., p. 169 (quoting from a letter of J.W. Croker):
[H]e seemed to me to think and care less about party politics than any man of his condition in life that I ever met.
Id., p. 170:
He says, in a letter on this subject, 'With respect to the parties themselves, Whig and Tory, I can but think, two dispassionate, sensible men, who have seen, read, and observed, will approximate in their sentiments more and more; and if they confer together, and argue, — not to convince each other, but for pure information, and with a simple desire for the truth, — the ultimate difference will be small indeed....'

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