Tuesday, November 07, 2017


Vision of Peace

Historia Augusta, 28: Life of Probus 20.5-6 (tr. David Magie):
"Soon," he said, "we shall have no need of soldiers." What else is this than saying: "Soon there will not be a Roman soldier? Everywhere the commonwealth will reign and will rule all in safety. The entire world will forge no arms and will furnish no rations, the ox will be kept for the plough and the horse be bred for peace, there will be no wars and no captivity, in all places peace will reign, in all places the laws of Rome, and in all places our judges."

"brevi," inquit, "milites necessarios non habebimus." quid est aliud dicere: Romanus iam miles erit nullus? ubique regnabit, omnia possidebit secura res publica. orbis terrarum non arma fabricabitur, non annonam praebebit, boves habebuntur aratro, equus nascetur ad pacem, nulla erunt bella, nulla captivitas, ubique pax, ubique Romanae leges, ubique iudices nostri.

possidebit Salmasius: possidebimus
boves habebuntur aratro Salmasius: vobis habebuntur atra P, vobis Σ
Eutropius, Abridgment of Roman History 9.17 (tr. H.W. Bird):
When he had waged innumerable wars and had obtained peace he stated that in a short time soldiers woud not be necessary.

hic cum bella innumera gessisset, pace parata dixit brevi milites necessarios non futuros.
Sextus Aurelius Victor, On the Emperors 37.3 (tr. H.W. Bird):
For this reason, when all those regions had been recovered and pacified, it is reported that he stated that in a short time soldiers would be unnecessary.

qua causa receptis omnibus pacatisque dixisse proditur brevi milites frustra fore.

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