Saturday, November 11, 2017


Wretched Man, Why Are You Proud?

Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud misc. 111, f. 65 = Carleton Brown, Religious Lyrics of the XIVth Century, number 133:
Wrecche mon wy artou proud,
þat art of herth I-maked?
hydyr ne browtestou no schroud,
bot pore þou come & naked.
Wen þi soule is faren out,
þi body with erthe y-raked,
þat body þat was so ronk and loud,
Of alle men is i-hated.
In Basil Cottle's translation:
Wretched man, why are you proud,
you who are made of earth?
You brought no garment here,
but came poor and naked.
When your soul has gone out,
and your body is covered over with earth,
that body that was so confident and loud-mouthed
is hated by all men.

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