Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Proportion of Pleasure to Pain

Plautus, Amphitryon 633-636 (tr. Wolfgang de Melo):
Aren't the enjoyments in the course of one's life and age few compared with what's disagreeable? Yes, this is everyone's lot, this is the gods' will: grief should follow enjoyment as its companion, yes, and there should immediately be more discomfort and trouble if anything good has happened.

satin parva res est voluptatum in vita atque in aetate agunda
praequam quod molestum est? ita quoiqu' comparatum est
in aetate hominum;
ita dis est placitum,
voluptatem ut maeror comes consequatur:
quin incommodi plus malique ilico assit, boni si optigit quid.

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