Thursday, March 01, 2018


Unwillingness to Listen

Aristophanes, Acharnians 352-354 (tr. Jeffrey Henderson):
It's terrible that the temper of gentlemen should grow so vinegary that they throw stones, and shout, and are unwilling to listen to something evenly balanced...

δεινὸν γὰρ οὕτως ὀμφακίαν πεφυκέναι
τὸν θυμὸν ἀνδρῶν ὥστε βάλλειν καὶ βοᾶν
ἐθέλειν τ᾿ ἀκοῦσαι μηδὲν ἴσον ἴσῳ φέρον...
S. Douglas Olson ad loc.:

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