Friday, April 06, 2018


The Finger Cracking Protocol

Maulichand Prasad, A Comparative Study of Abhisamācārikā: Abhisamācārikā-Dharma-Vjinaya of the Ārya Mahāsāmghika-Lokottaravādins and the Pali Vinaya of the Theravādins (Patna: K.P. Jayaswal Research Institute, 1984), pp. 82-83:
So he laid down the following rules to be observed in attending the Privy: If any one is assailed by the call of nature, he ought to attend the Privy as soon as he gets the urge. He should not enter it with his undergarment rolled on, without cracking the fingers. He should roll on his undergarment when he is to sit therein. The person sitting from before is also to crack the fingers in response. After cracking fingers he is to proceed towards the lavatory and give opportunity to the person sitting from before to come out of it by having his face turned away from him. One should not sit in the Privy in meditation or in drowsiness or in study or contemplation. Having finished easing he should soon come out of it. One should not enter the Privy wrapped in Śayyāsana of the Saṃgha or proper cīvara or chewing the tooth-cleaner or with one's head covered or with one's hands engaged or without the robe on one shoulder.


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