Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Prayer of an Old Man

[Homer], Epigrams 12, from [Herodotus], On Homer's Origins, Date, and Life 30 (tr. Martin L. West):
Hear my prayer, Kourotrophos, and grant that this woman
refuse the love and bed of younger men:
let her fancy be taken by old men grey at the temples,
whose vigor is blunted away, though their hearts still hanker.

κλῦθί μοι εὐχομένωι, Κουροτρόφε, δὸς δὲ γυναῖκα
τήνδε νέων μὲν ἀνήνασθαι φιλότητα καὶ εὐνήν,
ἣ δ᾿ ἐπιτερπέσθω πολιοκροτάφοισι γέρουσιν,
ὧν ὥρη μὲν ἀπήμβλυνται, θυμὸς δὲ μενοινᾶι.
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