Tuesday, January 29, 2019


He Begins His Presidential Campaign

Cervantes, Don Quixote, Part I, Chapter 2 (tr. Edith Grossman):
And so, having completed these preparations, he did not wish to wait any longer to put his thought into effect, impelled by the great need in the world that he believed was caused by his delay, for there were evils to undo, wrongs to right, injustices to correct, abuses to ameliorate, and offenses to rectify.

Hechas, pues, estas prevenciones, no quiso aguardar más tiempo á poner en efeto su pensamiento, apretándole á ello la falta que él pensaba que hacía en el mundo su tardanza, según eran los agravios que pensaba deshacer, tuertos que enderezar, sinrazones que enmendar, y abusos que mejorar, y deudas que satisfacer.
Later in that same chapter of Don Quixote, he does his first good deed, freeing a shepherd boy being whipped by his master. As soon as Don Quixote departs, the shepherd boy gets it twice as hard. A cautionary tale for presidential candidates and other do-gooders.

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