Tuesday, February 12, 2019


The Dissembler

Homer, Iliad 9.312-313 (tr. Peter Green):
For hateful to me as the gates of Hādēs is that man
who hides one thought in his mind, but speaks another.

ἐχθρὸς γάρ μοι κεῖνος ὁμῶς Ἀΐδαο πύλῃσιν
ὅς χ᾽ ἕτερον μὲν κεύθῃ ἐνὶ φρεσίν, ἄλλο δὲ εἴπῃ.
Unfortunately nowadays this strategy is necessary for survival. Die Gedanken sind frei, but their public expression is not.

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