Saturday, December 20, 2008


Latin Auto-Antonyms: Compounds of In

Arthur Stanley Pease, commentary on Cicero, De Natura Deorum 1.10.24:
inhabitabilis: two adjectives identical in form have directly opposite meanings, as with a series of other compounds of in: inauratus, incoctus, incorporatus, incruentatus, indictus, inflexus, infractus, infrenatus, iniunctus, innatus, innutritus, inquisitus, insessus, insuetus, inustus, investigabilis, and invocatus. So one form, derived from inhabito, means "habitable," the other (used here) is the negative of habitabilis (as in Mela, 1, 11; 3, 71; Plin. N.H. 2, 245; 6, 53 = ἀοίκητος).
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