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Samuel Rowley, "Song," from The Noble Souldier. Or, A Contract Broken, Justly Reveng'd. A Tragedy (London: Printed for Nicholas Vavasour, 1634):
Quest. Oh, sorrow, sorrow, say where dost thou dwell?
Answ.  In the lowest roome of Hell.
Quest. Art thou borne of Humane Race?
Answ.  No, no, I have a furier face.
Quest. Art thou in City, Towne, or Court?
Answ.  I to every place resort.
Quest. Oh why into the world is sorrow sent?
Answ. Men afflicted, best repent.
Quest. What dost thou feed on?
Answ.  Broken sleepe.
Quest. What tak'st thou pleasure in?
Answ. To weepe,
           To sigh, to sob, to pine, to groane,
           To wring my hands, to sit alone.

Quest. Oh when? oh when shall sorrow quiet have?
Answ.  Never, never, never, never,
           Never till she finds a Grave.

4 furier: fury's A.H. Bullen

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