Monday, August 05, 2013


Every One That Thirsteth, Come Ye to the Waters

Greek Anthology 9.142 (anonymous, tr. W.R. Paton):
We do worship to horned Pan, the walker on the crags, the leader of the Nymphs, who dwelleth in this house of rock, praying him to look with favour on all us who came to this constant fountain and quenched our thirst.

Κρημνοβάταν, δίκερων, Νυμφῶν ἡγήτορα Πᾶνα
  ἁζόμεθ', ὃς πετρίνου τοῦδε κέκηδε δόμου,
ἵλαον ἔμμεναι ἄμμιν, ὅσοι λίβα τήνδε μολόντες
  ἀενάου πόματος, δίψαν ἀπωσάμεθα.
The Greek text is also from Paton, who doesn't note the crux in line 2. See the critical apparatus in Anthologia Graeca Epigrammatum Palatina cum Planudea, ed. Hugo Stadtmueller, Vol. III, Part I (Leipzig: B.G. Teubner, 1906), pp. 111-112:
τόνδε κέκευθε δόμον P Pl; λέλογχε Br., γέγηθε Jac., τέτευχε Emperius, Ellis (τέθεικε et κατέσχε olim ci.); κέκευθε ῥόον Herw.; (πετρίνῳ) τῷδε κέκ. δόμῳ Tucker, Harb. (ὃν πετρίνος τῇδε κέκευθε δόμος malim); tentavi πετρίνου τοῦδε κέκηδε δόμου, eadem proposuerat Ludwich
Some vocabulary, from Liddell-Scott-Jones:
κρημνοβάτης: climber of steeps
δικέρως: two-horned
λιβάς: anything that drips or trickles, esp. spring, fount, stream
ἀέναος: ever-flowing
πόμα = πῶμα: drink, draught
ἀπωθέω: thrust away, push back

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